Myths About Hair Solutions: The Case for the Weave

Whenever you turn on your television, go to a website, or open the pages of a magazine, you tend to see hair. And it is great hair. Models with wonderful manes proudly display shiny, healthy-looking hair. There is no evidence of split ends. In videos, when the models move their heads, the hair moves with them, perfectly. The face is framed by the hair in just the right ways, covering up things that should be hidden and highlighting things that shouldn't. What is more, celebrities who yearn for this look often pay up to tens of thousands of dollars for a change in style!

Is great hair at an affordable price simply out of reach? Fortunately, hair weaves mean the answer is "no." What is more, when you suffer from alopecia (area baldness), pattern baldness, or damaged, short, or slow-rejuvenating hair, solutions like curly weaves and even short weave hairstyles provide a safe bet. Below are some of the many benefits the weave solution offers you and your head.

short weaves

A weave is attached to your head, making it sturdy, reliable, and difficult to dislodge. Usually, it is sewn into cornrows or bundled, braided hair. This allows it to law flat and look realistic, while staying firmly on your head.

This process has an additional benefit. When treated properly, it actually protects damaged and growing hair and scalps. The base of the weave helps you avoid overexposure to the sun, wind, cold, or excessive moisture. This allows your natural hair to relax, repair itself, and grow.

A good weave, especially made from actual hair, can be dyed, cut, shampooed, blow dried, permed, and generally treated just like your own hair. There are a few things, however, you should be cautious about. Always use the "cool" setting when blow drying your hair. Finger combing is by far better for a weave than vigorous combing or brushing.

Make sure to use items like essential oils and conditioner to keep your weave moisturized. Remember, the woven hair no longer has a natural, automatic source of moisture.

The very best weaves are made with real, human hair, called "virgin" or "remy" hair. The cuticles are intact, ensuring a longer life. They are aligned in a single direction, ensuring that the weave lays flatly against your head. It is also completely natural for a more realistic look.

With these simply, precautionary steps, your weave can last up to six months while looking utterly natural and stylish. With very little fuss, a realistic, professional look can be yours in the form of curly weaves.